Cirq Poubelle
2 x 40' (in 3h) / 3 x 30' (in 4h)

Cirqumstancia introduces ‘Cirq Poubelle’; two street sweepers with a passion for waste.

No speck of dirt will escape their eyes. But beware, they are driven by passion and can be swept along by it. They process the waste rather unusually and try to recycle it.

So think again before dropping something on the floor.

The two street sweepers drive along in their mini-dustcarts, diligently looking for waste. They carry on fanatically and with high zest. On the one hand, they are passionate waste processors, on the other hand, they are two typical street sweepers. (i.e. the true civil servant who needs a passionate break regularly).

Cigarette butts are elegantly swept up, while some loose bits of waste are dueled over.

Pieces of glass are grinded and processed on-site and they are happy to demonstrate what recycling possibilities there are.

They have an eye for detail and literally hose down the streets.